Welcome to the world of Classic Machines

The Camel Trophy

The year was 1984, I was coming back home from downtown by bus and on my hands I had something very important, well, it was very important to me anyway, it was the latest issue of the most popular auto magazine in Brazil: “Quatro Rodas” (Four Wheels). As a centerfold of that magazine there wasContinue reading “The Camel Trophy”

The Colors of Racing. Part Four – The British Moss Green: Lotus

In this final chapter, we will take a look at another traditional British sports car company that changed Formula One in many different ways. Lotus The company was founded by engineers Colin Chapman and Colin Dare, both graduates of University College, in London, 1952, but had earlier start in 1948 when Chapman built his first racing car inContinue reading “The Colors of Racing. Part Four – The British Moss Green: Lotus”

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