Brazilian Formula Vee

In September 2022 I was delighted when Chris Demaras, the team manager of Demaras Racing, asked me to write an article about the history of the Brazilian Formula Vee.

The Demaras is a family of committed gearheads competing in the Canadian F1200, one of the most exciting and competitive classes in the Canadian Vintage series.

As it often happens, as soon as I started the research, I realized that what I knew about the subject was just the tip of the iceberg. The article was published in a two-part series on, check it out:

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2 thoughts on “Brazilian Formula Vee

  1. Thanks, Glenn. I got hooked on the F-Vee, I have been watching a good deal of races on YouTube. Since the cars have similar performance, every race has no less than 4 drivers fighting for the lead position. It is very thrilling .


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