A Future F1 Champion

Several months ago I started following https://demaras.com/, a very interesting blog that shows the adventures of the Demaras, a gearhead family, from Toronto. The emphasis of the site is on the development of the racing career of Daniel Demaras, the older son of the family and a young talent at the Canadian F1200. Chris Demaras, the “crew manager” of the family, graciously has published some of my posts on their blog, including the one talking about the history of the Brazilia F-Vee.

Daniel Demaras, showing his skills on wet pavement.

As a die-hard fan of the “VW air-cooled” cars, I immediately got hooked on the Canadia F1200 (also known around the world as Formula-Vee). This class has been going on for 50 years, with very few changes in the rules. It still holds all the characteristics that made the F-Vee so popular word wide: it is affordable and competitive, and the cars are rugged, simple, and easy to maintain. It is the perfect “school class” for young drivers who don’t have millions in their bank accounts.

A couple of months ago I asked the Demaras to write an essay about the Canadian F1200, to be published in the Brazilian motoring website: autoentusiastas.com.br.

Daniel wrote a beautiful text, telling about his successful first year competing in the F1200 and his article was published in Alexander Gromow’s column “Speaking of Beetles”. Gromow is one of the most knowledgeable VW air-cooled experts in South America.

Here it is, the Autoentusiastas article, translated into English.



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